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Data Request Form - Members of the Public

I am requesting access to the data in the following way:

Note: Inspection is free but we charge for copies.

These are the data I am requesting:

Note: Describe the data you are requesting as specifically as possible.

Contact Information:

You do not have to provide any of the above contact information. However, if you want us to mail you copies of data, we will need some type of contact information. In addition, if we do not understand your request and need to get clarification from you, without contact information we will not be able to begin processing your request until you contact us.

Please review the "Data Access Police for Members of the Public" before submitting your request. This policy outlines what information is available to members of the public and when the information will become available for inspection or copy requests.

The "Data Access Policy for Data Subject" is specifically for those who are identified by the data. Please review this policy for full details of what you can request and what can be requested about you.

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